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Womens' Health

As we age there’s a naturally occurring decline in hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone and this can cause a wide range of problems in post-menopausal women.

With extensive expertise in women's health and as a member of the British Menopausal Society I'm able to offer help and advice in the management of Menopause. Please look at my site for full details but briefly, I am able to help in terms of prescriptions for HRT and for the increasingly requested Standard Biodentical HRT (BHRT) and Bespoke BHRT. Use of this

  • Reduces and often stops hot flushes and sweats
  • Improves mood disorders
  • Improves sexual function
  • Reduces vaginal dryness and urinary problems
  • Helps to maintain the collagen in the skin
  • Reduces the loss of bone and invertebral discs
  • Stimulates muscle repair with better mobility and power
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Reduces accelerated furring of the arteries
  • Possibly reduces Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • And reduces incidence of coronary disease by 50%*

* A flawed 2002 study caused anxiety in doctors and patients alike when it claimed an increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer in women. Since that time, the study has been extensively reviewed and current thinking is that the risks connected with HRT treatment are minimal  - and that they're further reduced when using bio identical HRT (BHRT).

If you would like to find out more the initial consultation lasts 45 minutes and this includes a detailed history of your symptoms and blood tests.

 I'm also able to offer assistance in terms of:

  • Pre-conception advice and advice for couples who may need IVF
  • Sexual health checks - tests for HIV, Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections (STI's)
  • Smear tests and HPV testing (the virus that causes cervical cancer)

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  • Psychosexual Health Advice - London

Psychosexual Medicine

Research suggests that between a third and a half of adults report having sexual problems. This really need not create relationship difficulties if you seek help. 

As a specialist in psychosexual medicine I work with patients to help them understand the emotional and physical causes of their sexual problems. For further information about this please get in touch, we are empathetic, confidential and discreet.

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We all like to look good as well as feel good. 

Please get in touch for information about Botox® , Skin Treatments, Thread Veins, Skin tags and  managing Menopause with Bio identical HRT.

If you would like more detail on these subjects please visit my sister site

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