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Prevention really is better than cure

Comprehensive Health Assessment

The comprehensive health assessment additionally includes:

  • Bloods tests - haematology, cholesterol, diabetes, liver and kidney, risk markers for heart disease and stroke
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Lung function testing
  • Prostate tests for men over 45
  • Cervical smears for women
  • Mammograms by arrangement

We can provide prompt medical assessments to companies wishing to offer these as company benefit or which require them as a pre-employment requirement.

We also offer health assessments to individuals and families.

In fact, because we strongly believe in the promotion of preventative medicine, we are one of the few London practices to have invested in a Cardio Health Station - this is ultrasound equipment for carotid artery scanning. 

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Menopause Assessment

This one hour consultation forms the basis of the effective and bespoke management of menopause. It comprises

  • Gynaecological History
  • Breast examination
  • A comprehensive series of blood tests to establish your unique hormone levels
  • Initial advice on available therapies

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Carotid Artery Scanning

It's a sad fact that most victims of heart attack or stroke are caught completely off guard. Until recently doctors could only determine this happening to you by reviewing traditional risk factors like age, gender, "good" and "bad" chloresterol, smoking, bloody pressure and family history.

Unfortunately this method is not conclusive which is why we leaped at the chance to be the first in the country to offer carotid artery scanning as part of your healthcheck.

This non-invasive ultrasound scan takes just 10 minutes and gives you a clear indication of what’s going on is your body so that we can more accurately determine your risk of heart attack or stroke.

The extra level of information that this innovative machine provides also helps us to put into place the best strategy for managing your risk - whether that’s diet, exercise, reduction in blood pressure; or medication to reduce cholesterol levels.

What price peace of mind?  The cost of each scan with e-mailed report and analysis is just  £100.  Please contact us to book in yourself, your colleagues and your loved ones – everyone over 35 should consider this check.

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Well Woman Check

 My well woman check comprises a 30 minute consultation which covers

  • Gynaecological History
  • Blood tests - blood count for anaemia, liver and kidney function, cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Breast examination
  • Smear test/HPV check



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